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Face & BODY Scanning

Face & BODY Scanning
3D Face & Body Scanning
  • 3DMe Photobooth

    3DMe Photobooth

    Product ID: 3DS-3DME

    3DMe Photobooth uses 3D imaging technology to capture an instant, photo-realistic facial image. Users can put their face on seasonal and branded collections of customizable 3DMe figurines. Utilizing Photobooth’s state-of-the-art technology, users can play animations of their personalized character, social share and order 3D-printed full colour figurines.

  • CloneScan 3D

    Replik "cScan-Pro" 3D Body Scanner

    Product ID: R8-CS-PRO


    • Digitalizes people on a massive scale.
    • Scans a person in 15 seconds.
    • Processes images into a 3D file in 90 seconds.
    • Allows an average of 20 scans per hour.
    • Outputs read-to-print PLY files, compatible with 3D printers.
    • It doesn’t need trained people.
    • Portable, takes one hour to fully assemble.

  • Breuckmann BodyScanner

    Breuckmann 3D BodyScanner

    Product ID: BK-BS

    The Breuckmann BodyScanner using "structured-light" scanning technology to create 3d scans of the human body in high resolution. This equipment is proven to be much faster and higher resolution than handheld scanners and photogrammetry solutions.

  • DermaTop-HE 3D

    DermaTop-HE 3D

    Product ID: EO-DT-BL

    High resolution In-Vivo scanning for localised facial areas & In-Vitro scanning; Seated positional Visio-3D booth; Rapid accurate and repeatable scanning; Mono data; Detailed software analysis tools

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